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Parsonage Update

The trustees and Leadership Team are going to use this web site to keep the congregation updated on the parsonage. 

If you do not know, the church voted to sell the parsonage. Since the parsonage and pasture will be separated from the farm and, we need to do a new deed. 

So a surveyor, James Stayton, from Eldorado, was contacted. He said since Harrison Twp is zoned for 20 acres, we need to go thru the Planning and Zoning Committee. We cannot put the property with a realtor until our rezoning is approved. 

What we can do is to tell people the parsonage and pasture is for sale. The property is 8.71 acres. The parsonage is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home with a 2 car garage plus shed for animals or storage.

If you know of someone who is interested, have them contact a trustee – Joe Nell Rutan, Junior Boone, Tom Moore or Chuck Willcox.            

Added is a list of items that will need to be completed before we put the house on the market. The trustees are willing to have a work day or individuals may choose an item to be competed at their convenience, within the time frame required.

Walk Thru of Parsonage and property


  • Insulated foam sprayed around walk thru door and under window so we see no daylight
  • Garage door – minor work to make sure it is on track and goes up and down
  • Walk thru door – clean
  • Sweep garage

Shed – clean out straw and manure


  • Tree at northeast corner of house needs to be topped
  • Weed whack – around house -septic system -along fence
  • Spray round up in gravel in circle
  • Order load of gravel for beginning of lane, to fill in from pipe line trench
  • Power wash outside of house
  • Clean flower beds
  • Clean up weed patches at back west of property
  • Trim at bottom of 2 trees on west side of huse
  • Try to move some dirt to fill in trench


  • Wash all windows
  • Kitchen – quarter round to go around bottom of cabinets to hold linoleum down
  • finish base of cabinet on south wall
  • redo kitchen soffit
  • clean stove and refrigerator
  • replace 1950 pulls on cabinet doors

  • Laundry room – paint spot beside laundry chute
  • Sun room – needs globe for ceiling fan
  • Living room – run in carpet
  • Dining room – new chandelier
  • Downstairs bathroom – south closet needs ceiling scraped and painted

  • Solution for wall above sink
  • Replace medicine cabinet

  • Upstairs bathroom – need screw to put handle back on cabinet
  • Front bedroom – replace some ceiling tiles
  • Have downstairs carpet cleaned

UPDATE - JULY 22, 2015

All-Dry came and worked on the parsonage basement so that is complete. I met with the Planning and Zoning Board and started the process of getting a variance allowing the Church to separate the parsonage and pasture from the farmland. Also, Vectren was called to see what the church needs to do to separate the parsonage natural gas from the church. Vectren will send out engineers to see what are our potions.

 I am pleased to say that some of the tasks have been completed. The windows were all washed, the pasture was mowed, weeds outside was sprayed and weed whacked. We still need some cleaning and work done on the garage plus some cleaning done inside the house. I want to make it clear, the house is not dirty, but just needs some general cleaning. Let me know if you are interested in a group getting together to clean or you would like to take a specific task to clean.